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CNET proves the point: Current AI technology is dumber than you

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What you need to know

  • News outlet CNET published around 75 articles that were generated using an unspecified AI engine.
  • Futurism, a separate publication, reported on the use of AI by CNET last week.
  • A follow-up article by Futurism highlighted several mistakes that appeared in CNET articles that were generated by AI, despite the fact that those pieces were said to be reviewed by a human editorial staff.

A recent pair of articles by Futurism highlighted some of the weaknesses of artificial intelligence. News outlet CNET generated around 75 articles with an unspecified AI tool. That fact was highlighted by Futurism last week, sparking debate across the web. The fact that CNET did not disclose the program in advance was one of the chief criticisms, along with the fact that the disclosure of each bot-written article was originally hidden.

Following Futurism’s coverage, CNET Editor-in-Chief Connie Guglielmo shared a piece about the use of AI to create articles. The outlet has since made changes, such as altering the previous byline of “CNET Money Staff” to simply “CNET Money.”

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