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Satya Nadella on LinkedIn: The King Center Timeline

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Muhammad Peace And Blessings of Allah upon him is the real Nonviolent Socail Change,Change maker,followed by Mahatma Gandhi,Martin Luther King,Jr.and the list is very long 8ncludong you and me,too.
The world needs such type of person again.And such type of his followers,again.
Produce them through social media,media,politics,religion.
Now,what is going on earth:
Jammu and Kashmir
India against minorities
Russia And Ukraine
Aren’t these are terrorists acts,states sponsored terrorism against innocent children,women and men,against humanity and mankind?
What is the use of celebrating federal holiday?
Bring out some constructive results and solutions to war,terrorism,riots,killings of innocent school children in the country.
Nonviolence is the weapon spread by love and affection to other people,other religion,other colors,cast and creeds .
Which is detroiting and spreading by hard core politicians and hard core religious leaders .

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