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Google Stadia is about to die but the controller will live on

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What you need to know

  • Ahead of Google’s closure of Stadia on January 18, the platform has announced that the controllers, at least, won’t be going the same way. 
  • Bluetooth support is going to be enabled through a new tool that will be dropping next week. 
  • In addition, there’s one final game for Google-loving cloud gamers to enjoy before it goes away. 

Google Stadia was one of the first big attempts to get cloud gaming going, though its natural conclusion is sadly one which most of us saw coming a mile away. The platform is to close for good on January 18, and besides transferring game save data and in some cases, ownership, to PC, there’s been one big request from the community. 

The Stadia controller has the necessary hardware to use over Bluetooth, but it was never utilized thanks to how Stadia works. Instead, the controller connects directly to your wireless network or over USB. But with Stadia dying, this left a lot of controllers in limbo, and worse, potential e-waste. 

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