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Elden Ring best spells 1.08: Tier lists, sorceries, incantations, and locations

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While melee combat often takes center stage in FromSoftware’s fantasy RPGs, magic spells are often just as effective and are extremely useful to use throughout your playthroughs. Things are no different in Elden Ring, especially since it has significantly more spells than any Soulslike game before it. Whether you want to nuke enemies and bosses from afar, enhance your melee weapons with elemental damage, apply status effects that wear down your foes, or support your co-op allies with healing and buffs, there are spells that you’ll love.

We’ve searched every nook and cranny of the Lands Between to find the most powerful spells for our caster characters, and after testing them all out extensively, we’ve put together definitive tier lists of the best sorceries and incantations. Additionally, we’ll also go over what each spell does in-depth, how much of your FP you’ll need to use to cast them, and where (or how) you can obtain them.

The best Elden Ring spells, ranked

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While most spells in Elden Ring are effective in the right situation, there are several spells that are, for the most part, better than others. These spells typically have a more efficient damage per Focus Point (FP) ratio, are easier to land, or are harder to dodge in PvP scenarios. Since there are two different schools of magic in Elden Ring — sorceries and incantations — we’ve put together individual tier lists of the spells available for each type of magic.

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