Spanned apps on Surface Duo.

I’m a little less excited for the Surface Duo 3 now

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I want to preface this article with a simple statement: When it came time to replace my wonderful Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, I ultimately chose the Galaxy Z Fold4 over the Surface Duo 2. Superior cameras, water resistance, wireless charging, and an uncompromised software experience were all reasons I used to justify my purchase (that and the unbeatable trade-in deal Samsung gave me on my old phone).

That’s not to say I don’t find the Surface Duo 2 to be an incredibly interesting device. I own an original Surface Duo, and the form factor and design are endlessly fascinating. I love picking it up and using it with no real purpose in mind because the hinges and the dual screens are just that enticing. The Duo 2 didn’t meet all my requirements for a daily driver, but I had high hopes that Microsoft’s Surface Duo 3 may address my concerns and finally realize the dreams of this form factor.

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