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Historical decline of desktop PC shipments affects Dell, Lenovo, and more

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What you need to know

  • Gartner, a management consulting company, reports its research into a historical decline of shipments for desktop PCs across popular vendors, including Lenovo, HP, and Dell, in 2022.
  • Despite the significant downturn, shipping is close to the same numbers reported in 2019, before the effects of COVID.
  • Gartner expects a continued downward trend until the beginning of 2024.

Increased inflation, pandemic-related lockdowns, and a looming threat of recession are the implied blame for some of the steepest declines in shipments for traditional desktop PCs in recent history, according to reports from Gartner (opens in new tab). World-renowned vendors, including Lenovo, HP, and Dell, are among others who have reported significant and historic downturns in their desktop range.

As part of the management consulting company’s research, Gartner describes an abundance of stock ready to sell from manufacturers, met with a lack of interest for purchase as consumers prepare for an expected global recession. Although the top three desktop PC vendors remained in the same positions in Q4 2022, Lenovo, HP, and Dell all reported an unprecedented decline in their shipping numbers.

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