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Microsoft rolls out Dictate to OneNote for Mac

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What you need to know

  • The Dictate feature is now available for OneNote for Mac.
  • Dictate was already available on OneNote on Windows and the web version of OneNote,
  • The tool uses artificial intelligence to let you format spoken text, such as deleting text or pausing dictation.

A powerful feature from OneNote on Windows has made its way to OneNote for Mac. You can now use the Dictate feature when running OneNote on macOS. The tool allows you to format and organize text from speech. It utilizes artificial intelligence to transcribe spoken words into text.

Dictate supports auto-punctuation, though you can disable the feature if you’d like. The feature works with more than 50 languages, all of which are listed in a Microsoft support document (opens in new tab). You can also choose to filter out profanity or sensitive language if you’d like.

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