HyperX Clutch Gladiate and Pulsefire Haste 2 against colored background.

HyperX unveils new wired Xbox controller and PC gaming mice at CES 2023

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What you need to know

  • HyperX is leading manufacturer of gaming accessories, including headsets, keyboards, and mice.
  • During CES 2023, HyperX announced a new wired controller with the Clutch Gladiate for Xbox.
  • It also announced the successor to its popular Pulsefire Haste PC gaming mouse.
  • The Pulsefire Haste 2 comes in wired and wireless variants, and features a refreshed design.

CES may be dominated by laptops, desktops, smart home technology, autmotives, and more, but there’s still plenty of room for gaming hardware and accessories. HyperX has joined the CES 2023 lineup by announcing a brand-new wired, Designed for Xbox controller and two new gaming mice for Windows PCs.

As a part of CES 2023, HyperX revealed the Clutch Gladiate controller for Xbox consoles, which aims to deliver “pro” gaming features and build quality at an affordable price. The successor to the popular HyperX Pulsefire Haste gaming mouse was also announced with a refreshed design, and will be available in both wired and wireless variants.

HyperX Clutch Gladiate wired controller for Xbox

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