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Over 300 Bethesda workers form Microsoft’s first union

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What you need to know

  • Back in 2022, over 300 employees at Bethesda Softworks announced they intended to form a union. 
  • Three days into 2023, the union has been successfully formed, with Microsoft keeping its word and voluntarily recognizing the union instead of fighting it. 
  • The workers will now be seeking to negotiate a contract with Microsoft.

Just three days into the new year, there’s now a union of workers at Microsoft-owned ZeniMax Media.

Over 300 Bethesda Softworks employees successfully unionized after announcing their plan back in 2022, with the “supermajority” choosing to sign a union card or go through a special terminal set up for the purpose of voting. In a press release (opens in new tab), the Communication Workers of America noted that per its stated principles, Microsoft voluntarily recognized the union.

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