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Intel’s Unison app syncs your iPhone to any Windows 11 PC. Here’s how to get it.

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What you need to know

  • Intel announced its Unison app to connect Android and iPhones to PCs in fall 2022.
  • The app was supposed to come out in limited availability for select Intel Evo PCs.
  • Intel Unison was quietly released in late November and is now available.
  • Despite Intel claiming Unison is available “on eligible Intel Evo designs,” I could install it on any PC, including Qualcomm ARM-based ones.

In early September, Intel announced its new app, “Unison,” based on technology from its purchase of Israeli startup Screenovate (read my deep-dive and interviews about it). The software is similar to Microsoft’s Phone Link (aka Your Phone) in that it lets you connect your smartphone to your Windows PC to receive notifications, text messages, phone calls, and more.

However, the big difference with Intel Unison is that it also works on Apple’s iOS – something that Phone Link does not. Indeed, all the same features work as on Android, including photos, transferring files, sending and receiving messages, and notifications.

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