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Best power supply: Top PSU picks for gaming and more

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A power supply unit (PSU) is arguably the most important part of any custom PC since none of your fancy components would work without it, feeding the necessary wattage directly into the motherboard with separate cables dedicated to graphics cards and storage. You’ll need to consider at least a couple of factors when choosing a PSU, namely the total power draw of your parts and a form factor compatible with your PC case.

ATX power supplies get their name from the original ‘advanced technology extended’ title, but nobody calls them that anymore. They’re the most common form factor and likely what you’re looking for unless you’re building a compact Mini-ITX desktop, which pair with SFX and SFX-L variants. These acronyms are confusing to newcomers, but if you’re unsure, aim for an ATX power supply exceeding your wattage requirements with an efficient 80+ Bronze efficiency rating from a reputable brand, and you’ll be fine.

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