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Halo Infinite banned a Forge player for putting weed in their map

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What you need to know

  • A Halo Infinite player was temporarily banned from the game’s Forge mode without warning for over three months because they included custom-made props that resembled marijuana in their map.
  • The use of the prop violated the official Xbox Community Standards, which are enforced by Microsoft.
  • The suspension was lifted following an appeal, but many still felt that the ban was too harsh since it was issued without any kind of a warning.
  • Notably, the “always online” nature of Halo Infinite’s Forge means that banned players can’t access or play any part of the mode while they’re suspended.

It’s been about a month and a half since Halo Infinite’s Forge mode officially became available to players as part of the game’s Winter Update, and ever since, fans across the Xbox and Windows PC platforms have been using the map-making tool to craft a variety of fantastic creations. Everything from beautifully detailed and carefully designed arena maps to silly party game stages with custom modes have been built and published by talented community members, giving players an ocean of user-generated content to enjoy.

One of these creators is Loaf Lord, a Forger that recently released a map called Juju’s Room that faithfully recreates their real life bedroom. The map impressed many community members with its intricate details and clever design, but there was one issue: the map contained custom-made props that resembled both marijuana and the joints typically used to smoke it. And once Microsoft and developer 343 Industries caught wind of this, the map was taken down and Loaf Lord was issued a temporary ban from Halo Infinite Forge, with the suspension set to last until March 2023. 

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