Elden Ring Incantations

Elden Ring: How to use Incantations

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Elden Ring is undoubtedly a masterpiece, and will no doubt go down in history as one of the best RPGs ever made. With that said, some of its gameplay mechanics may be a little confusing for new players, especially if they haven’t played one of FromSoftware’s earlier “Soulsborne” titles before. 

One of those mechanics is Elden Ring’s magic system, which allows players to use powerful sorceries and incantations as long as they have the stats necessary to do so. Of the two magic types, incantations are considered to be the most versatile, as there are a wide variety of both offensive and supportive incantations that can be used to attack, heal, or buff before or during combat. Incantation spells can often be obtained while exploring or from vendors, but many players aren’t sure how to actually cast them.

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