Logitech G Cloud propped against Xbox Series X.

Logitech G Cloud review: An imperfect vision of the gaming future

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Between the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck, it has been long since consumers have had such great choices in the handheld console market. The handheld console market is becoming even busier thanks to the rise of game streaming solutions like Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming. One of the first new additions is the Logitech G Cloud, and it wants to deliver a vision of the future that, unfortunately, doesn’t quite seem to be here yet.

I spent some time with the Android-powered, cloud gaming-focused Logitech G Cloud to discern if this nascent arrival to the industry could offer a compelling argument over more established choices. I admit I was skeptical, but I was surprised by my enjoyment of the Logitech G Cloud, despite its various flaws. With a genuinely comfortable design and industry-leading battery life, Logitech’s debut handheld console shouldn’t be immediately discounted.

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