Best budget B660 motherboards 2022

Best budget B660 motherboards 2022

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Aiming for a mid-range PC can still provide impressive results with the B660 chipset and Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake processors. I always prefer to get the best deal possible, working from the cheapest upwards. To help you build an affordable gaming PC, I’ve rounded up the best budget B660 motherboards to lay the groundwork for your next build with various form factors and feature sets.

How do I pick the best budget B660 motherboard?

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An appropriate motherboard is a critical foundation for a custom PC, even when you’re looking to save some cash. High-quality components are the key to a long, reliable life cycle for new builds. In the B660 chipset range, MSI comes out on top with its MAG B660 Tomahawk Wi-Fi DDR4 board, offering the best features for a fair price. Even better if you don’t need Wi-Fi since the cheapest board on our list is an Ethernet-only variant of the fantastic Gigabyte DS3H board.

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