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PowerA Nano enhanced Xbox controller review: For the family

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I’ll preface my review with the caveat that PowerA has not explicitly stated this controller is for children. Still, given its smaller stature, it seemed like a no-brainer, at least for me, to test this controller with my youngest child, who, at the tender age of two, is showing interest in gaming like the rest of the family.

The PowerA Nano Enhanced Wired Controller is about three-quarters of the size of the standard Xbox Series X|S controller and mimics the capabilities of the standard Xbox unit, from the rumble capabilities to the capture buttons. The controller also includes two mappable buttons at the rear to customize your gameplay experience.

PowerA Nano Enhanced: Price, availability and specs 

PowerA Nano Controller unboxed (Image credit: Jennifer Young | Windows Central)

The PowerA Nano Enhanced Wired Controller is available directly from the PowerA website for $39.99 and comes in classic black or lilac. Third-party retailers, including Amazon, also offer it at the same price in both colors. 

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