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Overwatch 2: Tragically, Ramattra’s coolest ability is also his worst

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Ever since Blizzard first showed off gameplay footage of Overwatch 2’s latest tank hero, Ramattra, the ability he has that I was the most excited to get my hands on was Ravenous Vortex. When using it, the omnic juggernaut hurls an explosive clump of nano particles that bursts into a spiraling violet field. This field lightly damages anyone that enters its radius and slows them down, too, but far more interestingly, it even pulls them downward. Before Ramattra, there wasn’t a single hero capable of doing this, and thus, the uniqueness of Ravenous Vortex immediately stuck out to me.

When thinking about the most useful applications of this ability, my mind instantly jumped to using it against airborne characters like Pharah, Mercy, and — to a certain extent — Echo. These heroes are able to control the air and use it to their advantage largely uncontested if you’re playing any tank that isn’t D.Va.  It’s true that hitscan damage and support characters like Ashe, Widowmaker, and Baptiste can keep them in check, but I always found it frustrating that, as a tank main, there was really only one hero I could turn to for reliable counterplay against “Pharmercy.”

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