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New Elden Ring glitch makes colossal weapons unstoppable in PvP

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What you need to know

  • Players have discovered a new Elden Ring glitch following the recent arrival of the Colosseum Update.
  • The glitch allows players to perform insanely fast crouch poke attacks with any weapon, including colossal weapons that are supposed to have their high damage offset by slow speed.
  • All players have to do to use the exploit is equip a straight sword, thrusting sword, heavy thrusting sword, twinblade, or torch in their offhand, and the weapon they want to crouch poke with in their main hand.

Recently, Elden Ring developer FromSoftware released a free DLC called the Colosseum Update for the game, expanding its PvP options with several new arenas as well as a variety of new game modes. Naturally, many fans have since travelled back to the Lands Between to try out the new content. While doing so, though, players have discovered an exploit that the update introduced, and it’s easily one of the most overpowered glitches I’ve ever seen in a FromSoftware “Soulsborne” game. And the worst part is, it doesn’t even take effort to use.

The glitch is extremely simple, yet incredibly deadly. To take advantage of it, all you have to do is equip a straight sword, thrusting sword, heavy thrusting sword, twinblade, or a torch in your offhand, and then the weapon in your main hand will gain the ability to do what’s often referred to as a “crouch poke” attack. This move, executed by doing a standard crouch and light attack combo, allows you to perform a quick forward thrust. It’s supposed to be exclusive to thrusting weapons and colossal swords (the speed of it was nerfed significantly for the latter), but thanks to this new glitch, you can make any Elden Ring weapon use it — including massive colossal weapons like the Giant-Crusher or the Staff of the Avatar.

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These are some of the best Elden Ring weapons in terms of raw damage and hitstun severity, but are balanced out by their slower attack speed and recovery time, as well as their average overall range. With the crouch poke exploit, however, all of these downsides are negated. Crouch pokes give colossal weapons an extremely fast attack speed and a ton of range, and since the move doesn’t have many recovery frames, it’s possible to hit opponents with another crouch poke before the hitstun from the first one wears off.

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