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Minecraft’s infamous End Poem is now in the public domain

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What you need to know

  • Minecraft is one of the most popular and successful games of all time, with over 238 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Minecraft’s Survival mode campaign infamously ends with the End Poem, authored by Julian Gough.
  • In a new post, Gough has revealed that he never signed over the rights to the End Poem to Mojang Studios or Microsoft.
  • After years of consideration, Gough is now releasing the End Poem into public domain for anyone to use or quote as they wish.

It’d be nigh impossible to discover a sociable human being that hasn’t, at some point, at least heard of the global gaming phenomenon that is Minecraft. The legendary survival crafting game has sold over 238 million copies worldwide, and millions of those dedicated players have bore witness to the End Poem, Minecraft’s narrative end after defeating the terrifying Ender Dragon final boss. Now, it seems that anyone is free to use or consume the End Poem as they wish.

According to Julian Gough, who originally authored the End Poem near months before Minecraft’s final release in Nov. 2011, no contract was ever actually signed that gave Mojang Studios full rights to the End Poem. When Mojang Studios was acquired by Microsoft in 2014 for a staggering $2.5 billion, the oft-forgotten contract that would’ve forfeited all of Gough’s rights to the End Poem remained unsigned. After years of consideration and the unstoppable progression of life, Gough has deigned to release the End Poem into public domain.

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