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Microsoft rolls out the last major Edge update of 2022

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge just released an update to version 108.
  • The update includes security fixes as well as new APIs that IT admins can use to manage site lists for Internet Explorer mode.
  • This is the final major update for Edge that will ship in 2022, since the browser runs on a four-week release cycle.

The stable version of Microsoft Edge recently received an update that brings the browser to version 108. The update doesn’t include any features for general consumers, but it does have new APIs for IT professionals. It also improves security when browsing the web, thanks to a “rewritten Microsoft Defender SmartScreen (opens in new tab) library for Microsoft Edge on Windows, Mac, and Linux.”

Microsoft outlines the changes scene in version 108 (opens in new tab):

Microsoft Edge version 108.0.1462.42 CHANGELOG

  • Graph APIs for Cloud Site List Management. New Graph APIs that allow IT admins in organizations to create, manage, and publish their site lists for IE mode in the cloud. For more information, see Use the Edge API in Microsoft Graph (opens in new tab).
  • More reliable web defense. Browse the web with more reliable protection thanks to the rewritten Microsoft Defender SmartScreen (opens in new tab) library for Microsoft Edge on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The new SmartScreen library was first made available on Windows and Mac, and now makes its debut on Linux with Microsoft Edge version 108. Microsoft Edge version 108 also brings new product optimizations (that is, better proxy handling) and bug fixes by having the SmartScreen library leverage Microsoft Edge’s built-in network stack.

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