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The Callisto Protocol patch 1.07 is now live for Xbox

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What you need to know

  • Patch 1.07 has gone live for the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC versions of The Callisto Protocol.
  • This patch addresses technical issues with the game, like random frame rate drops and crashes, among many others.
  • The developers have stated on Twitter that they are working on fixing the ray-tracing reflections and that more information will come later this week.

The Callisto Protocol, a new survival horror game made by one of the co-creators of Dead Space, has just received a new patch (Patch 1.07) today for Xbox, PC, and PlayStation platforms. This patch includes several hotfixes, including bug fixes for frame rate and random crash issues that have plagued the title since launch.

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Furthermore, The Callisto Protocol game’s developers, Striking Distance Studios, have stated on Twitter that they are working hard to address other issues players are experiencing with the game, like ray tracing reflection issues, for instance. They plan to share more information on this and more upcoming improvements for the game later this week.

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