Xbox Gear Shop Mini Controller Hoodie.

Xbox’s latest gag gift is a hoodie for your controller

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What you need to know

  • Xbox is known for its various gag gifts, especially around the holidays.
  • On Cyber Monday, the Xbox Gear Shop revealed the Xbox Mini Controller Hoodie.
  • It’s an absolutely adorable, laughably dumb tiny hoodie specifically designed to cradle your Xbox controller.
  • It comes in black and white, costs $25, is available worldwide, and ships in time for the holidays.

Let’s be honest, you already know that the latest Xbox product is stupid. You’ve read the headline, you’ve seen the picture at the top — This is not the next greatest product release from tech conglomerate Microsoft. It is, however, a hilarious, dumb, and oddly adorable gag gift that you can buy right now from the Xbox Gear Shop and get in time for the holidays. It’s the Xbox Mini Controller Hoodie, and it’s here to keep your controller warm.

The Xbox Wireless Controller is a wonderful peripheral. There’s a reason it is critically-acclaimed, beloved by many, and the source of “inspiration” for many third-party controllers. Sadly, the best Xbox controller is also wrapped in cold, unfeeling plastic, and is bound to freeze in solitude when it’s bereft of the warm embrace of your hands during gaming sessions. All the brightest minds at Xbox have huddled to formulate the perfect solution: Why not give your controller a cozy little jacket?

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