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Microsoft Global Hackathon winners will make it easier to give tech support to your family

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What you need to know

  • A group of developers and engineers won Microsoft’s annual Hackathon event with an idea to improve tech support for family members.
  • The concept is to provide a secure and simple way to provide assistance to people remotely.
  • Many people are called upon frequently to provide tech support to friends and family, including the members of the team that worked on the project.

A common struggle for the tech-savvy is being called upon for tech support from a friend or family member but not being able to help due to distance or other factors. Visits with loved ones and friends often involve setting up devices, fixing bugs, or troubleshooting issues. A group came together with a solution to overcome some of the barriers that affect familial tech support and their idea won Microsoft’s Global Hackathon (opens in new tab).

“There’s always someone who needs help,” said Gracey Wilson from the hackathon winning team. “My family refers to me and my sister as ‘tech support,’ and they’ll call up and say, ‘Hey, we need tech support,’ and we’ll go, ‘OK, walk me through what you’re trying to do and what you see on the screen.’” 

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