Evil West Xbox and PC gameplay impressions

Xbox and PC gamers with God of War envy need to check out Evil West

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Thanks to the Black Friday shenanigans at work, I have barely had time to play any games recently. Still, I set aside some time this past weekend and during breaks to check out Evil West from Focus Home Interactive and Flying Wild Hog. 

Evil West has been popping up in trailers here and there at various shows, and always looked pretty damn great. It was certainly one of my most anticipated upcoming Xbox and PC games of 2022, in a year that is arguably fairly light on so-called “AAA” bangers across Microsoft’s platforms. Overwatch 2 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 have been doing some of the heavy lifting for me, as well as Vampire Survivors, but Evil West kind of showed up out of nowhere having slipped off my radar. I quite honestly didn’t realize exactly how much I needed a game like this in my life right now. 

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