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ZeniMax Online Studios’ new Xbox IP is being created by almost 200 developers

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What you need to know

  • ZeniMax Online Studios, the studio behind The Elder Scrolls Online, is currently working on a new IP.
  • According to an interview with Ben Jones, creative director of the game, this new IP has been in development for four and a half years.
  • Jones notes that he leads the design team of 50 people, and that the game is now being worked on by a team of almost 200 developers in total.

ZeniMax Online Studios is continuing to chug away at its new IP, and it’s clear that this game is getting a lot of internal resources even as little is publicly known about just what this game will be.

Speaking on the Product Builders Podcast (opens in new tab) (as noticed by @bogorad222 (opens in new tab) on Twitter), creative director Ben Jones talked about some of the work that is going into this new IP, including how he’s been working on it for the past four and a half years. Jones shared that the design team he leads consists of about 50 people, while the greater development team working on the game consists of almost 200 developers. 

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