RODE reveals its next-gen NT-USB+ condenser microphone for creators

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What you need to know

  • RODE has unveiled a new USB-C microphone that offers studio-quality recordings.
  • Designed for creators, the NT-USB+ uses a condenser capsule with a cardioid pattern ideal for vocals or instruments.
  • A reimagining of the original NT-USB, this next-generation refresh features internal DSP effects powered by APHEX processing technology.

RODE is an established brand in the world of audio, offering a wide range of microphones for practically any scenario. Today, it revealed a next-generation refresh of its NT-USB microphone from 2014. With a form factor inspired by the original, the NT-USB+ includes a suite of enhancements to provide studio-quality recordings directly to your PC or any compatible device.

“The original NT-USB was an instant success when it launched almost a decade ago, setting a lofty standard for studio-quality USB microphones,” explains CEO Damien Wilson in an excerpt from the accompanying launch PR.

RODE NT-USB+ (Image credit: RØDE)

“With the NT-USB+, we are setting a new standard. We have kept the form factor and functionality that made the original such a success and introduced several new features, integrating cutting-edge technology for the next wave of creators. Plug-and-play USB audio has never sounded this good,” Wilson continues.

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