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Microsoft shares plan to prevent sexual discrimination and harassment following independent review of policies and practices

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft just announced a plan to prevent discrimination and harassment within the company.
  • The planned steps come following an independent review of the company’s sexual harassment and gender discrimination policies and practices.
  • Microsoft’s Board of Directors brought in the ArentFox Schiff LLP law firm to conduct the review.
  • A 50-page report from ArentFox Schiff LLP was shared today, as were Microsoft’s planned steps based on the report.

Microsoft just announced several steps it plans to take to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination at the company. The tech giant’s Board of Director’s engaged with the ArentFox Schiff LLP law firm to perform an independent review of Microsoft’s policies and practices. ArentFox Schiff LLP shared a 50-page report outlining its findings today (via Bloomberg).

The Microsoft Board of Directors approved several steps that the company will take based on the ArentFox Schiff report. Microsoft announced the report’s findings as well as the company’s planned course of action in a blog post (opens in new tab). The introduction of the full report breaks down the scope of what ArentFox Schiff LLP looked at:

  • Review and assess the effectiveness of sexual harassment and gender discrimination policies, practices, trainings, and measures from the beginning of 2019 forward
  • Review the results of the investigation into allegations raised against Bill Gates in 2019 and any sexual harassment allegations against any other directors and Senior Leadership Team (“SLT”) members from the beginning of 2019 forward
  • Review data regarding sexual harassment and gender discrimination complaints, their investigation, and resolution from 2019 forward
  • Review the 489 investigative reports for all of the U.S. gender discrimination and sexual harassment complaints from 2019–2021
  • Interview a sampling of recent sexual harassment and gender discrimination complainants (focused on FY 2021) to understand their experience with internal processes; and
  • Benchmark best practices from other companies and recommend enhancements to policies and practices.

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