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NVIDIA responds to RTX 4090 melting cable problems

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What you need to know

  • Some NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics cards have caused power connectors to melt.
  • NVIDIA is investigating the situation but hasn’t shared much as of yet.
  • The company has said that it uses two different 16-pin adapters, which could be related to the problem.

The NVIDIA RTX 4090 has an issue that causes some power adapters to fail and melt. The situation first appeared on Reddit in late October, but we haven’t had official confirmation as to what causes the problem. While not confirmed by NVIDIA, the 16-pin connector of the RTX 4090 appears to be at fault.

The RTX 4090 has a massive power draw, even when compared to the best graphics cards. All that power (450W stock / 500W+ overclocked) goes through a single connection. With that much power going through a single point, issues such as a slightly bent wire or a loose connection can cause serious problems.

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