Microsoft Flight Simulator Easter Egg

Microsoft has put Flight Simulator into Flight Simulator

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What you need to know

  • The 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator recently came out.
  • The update adds helicopters, gliders, and several other options to the popular flight sim.
  • It also includes an easter egg that allows you to play four older versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator builds on the foundation of classic PC games. But if high-end graphics and visually stunning gameplay get boring — or if you just want to play an older version of Flight Simulator — Microsoft has a treat for you. The 40th Anniversary update for Microsoft Flight Simulator includes the entire original Flight Simulator as an easter egg. In fact, there are actually four older versions of Flight Simulator available.

To enable the original versions of Flight Simulator, load up in a DA62 and then switch to cockpit view. After that, you need to set the ELT to the on position. Reddit users HughsMDflyer4 shared a screenshot of the easter egg as well as the instructions to enable it, and here’s how. 

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