Google Pixel Fold fan render

Google’s rumored Pixel Fold looks like the Surface Duo if it had a foldable display

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What you need to know

  • Renders of Google’s upcoming Pixel Fold have appeared online.
  • The renders are third-party but are based on real images of the hardware.
  • The design resembles that of a Surface Duo but with a foldable inside display.

A leak from reliable source Front Page Tech has potentially revealed the design of Google’s upcoming rumored Pixel Fold, which is said to be targeting a May 2023 release window. The device is notable to us here at Windows Central as it looks to resemble that of the Surface Duo, with its characteristically wider body which many have described as “passport-like.”

In fact, other reports over the last several months have claimed that the Pixel Fold is codenamed Passport, and if these renders are anything to go by, that codename makes sense. When open, the Pixel Fold features a large single-screen foldable display in the landscape orientation. The Surface Duo’s default orientation is also landscape, albeit with two screens instead of one.

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