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How to pick a good Xbox headset on a budget

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How do I pick a good Xbox budget headset?

Best answer: Microphone quality should be your top priority if buying a headset for party chat. Our headset reviews include voice recordings where possible so you can hear the difference. Beware of cheaper headsets skimping on their mics.

Wireless headsets must be compatible with Xbox and usually include short charging cables, so your second consideration should be convenience. A wired headset could be more convenient but can still connect to a controller that may also need charging.

Microphone quality

Xbox official wireless headset microphone (Image credit: Jez Corden | Windows Central)

It can be tempting to grab the cheapest Xbox headset and dive straight into some multiplayer action, but it’s critical to consider microphone quality. For the sake of everyone in your party chat, don’t be tempted by budget models with woeful mics. Unfortunately, manufacturers don’t go out of their way to demonstrate how your voice sounds through their headsets, and it can be tricky to dig through the jargon.

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