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Why the Xbox Series S is great, actually

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The Xbox Series S is largely forgotten about when it comes to discussing the newest generation of consoles. A less powerful machine than Microsoft’s flagship, the Series X, and Sony’s PS5, its existence and relevance is often questioned. Recently, there has been a wave of online debate over the Series S, and whether Microsoft should abandon it altogether, with some suggesting that the console is holding back this gaming generation. It could be strongly argued though, that the Series S is a fantastic console with some excellent features, and has done wonders for the Xbox ecosystem. Here’s why.

Some excellent features

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Although not equal in raw power compared with the more expensive Series X, the Series S contains some comparable features, with some of them a remarkable inclusion considering the lower price of the console. Like the Series X, the S boasts the ability to achieve up to 120 fps depending on the game, and features a marked increase in speed from the previous generation due to its SSD. Ray tracing is also present, albeit in a more limited capacity than the X, but this is impressive considering the small size and price tag of the S, and something you may expect would only be found in the flagship. Equally as impressive is the inclusion of Variable Refresh Rate, available for consumers with HDMI 2.1 and another feature you may think is reserved only for the more powerful hardware.  

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