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Qualcomm’s Nuvia-based PC chips are showing positive signs, earning design wins

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What you need to know

  • Qualcomm recently discussed its upcoming chips for Snapdragon PCs during an investor call.
  • Those chips are set to be Nuvia-based designs that rely on technology from Qualcomm’s acquisition of Nuvia, which was announced in 2021.
  • Earlier this year, Qualcomm delayed its plans to ship Nuvia-based chips to commercial devices until 2024.

It could be up to two years before we see a Nuvia-based chip from Qualcomm in a consumer PC, but things are progressing well, according to the company. In a recent investor call, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon explained that the chipmaker has seen several design wins lately in relation to Snapdragon PCs (via Tom’s Hardware).

“We expect to see an inflection point in Windows on Snapdragon PCs in 2024 based on a significant number of design wins to date,” said Amon.

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