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Early Black Friday Xbox Series X deals: console, games, accessories, & more

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The first thing to really like about this 1TB SSD is just how small it is. If you’ve got your Xbox in a cabinet or with its back against a wall, you won’t have to adjust it much to make this drive fit. Once it’s there, you can set it and forget it. Just use it for keeping all your favorite games around.

While made by Seagate, the card was designed in partnership with Xbox so it seamlessly works with both the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X. It even replicates the Xbox Velocity Architecture to ensure you get fast load times with all of your games, even older generation games through backwards compatibility. You’ll also be able to switch between games on the console’s internal SSD or this one quite easily. 

Xbox Series S bundle

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There used to be a time when just being able to find the Xbox Series X or S in stock was big enough news. That’s still quite often the case as you can’t find it at some retailers. Walmart seems to have plenty, though, and this bundle actually saves you $20 off the regular price of the Xbox Series S while giving you some extra in-game currency and DLC for the video games Fortnite and Rocket League. Hard to argue with that. 

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