Razer Finger Gaming Gloves

These finger gloves promise to make you a better gamer, and don’t look weird at all

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What you need to know

  • You can buy pro and not at all weird looking finger gloves for mobile and cloud gaming.
  • A few brands, including Razer, make their version of this gaming accessory ranging from $7.99 to $20.

Have you ever wished people took mobile gaming more seriously? Have you ever looked at the Xbox Elite controllers and wished there was a product to take your mobile Xbox cloud gaming to a pro level? Well, wish no longer because we’ve found the product for you. Gaming finger sleeves. Now you can spend your life savings in Diablo Immortal even faster than before, by streamlining your microtransaction experience.

According to Razer, the breathable fibers keep your fingertips at peak performance for hours ­— though the same can’t be promised for your mobile phone battery. The gloves can be used for more than just gaming too, with these stylish threads, no longer will you suffer the woes of thumb friction burn from doom-scrolling on Twitter.

In all seriousness, with more users utilizing Xbox Cloud Gaming, these could be a fun gamer gift and useful for games with touch controls such as Persona 5. Finger gloves, while they may look rather ridiculous — are used by pro mobile players for serious competition. Like socks make your feet slippy on a tiled floor, these finger covers will remove the drag of your fingers on your mobile phone screen. If you’re an iPhone user, chances are you also rock a broken screen and could benefit from the extra protection.  

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There’s actually a plethora of brands doing their own take on the pro-mobile gaming finger sleeve, and the SAMEO versions pictured above are more widely available, given that the Razer versions ($7.99) are out of stock in the US. The SAMEO is also a slightly better value as you get 3 pairs for the same price. While it’s a shame the Razer is out of stock, we can only theorize they are on the brink of releasing a V2 version with RGB lighting.

For Xbox Cloud Gaming, most gamers opt for mobile controllers such as the Razer Kishi V2 or the Gamesir X2 Pro, or even use a mobile clip with their existing Xbox controller. As more games are added to the Xbox Game Pass library with touch controls, keeping a pair of swanky thumb gloves in your pocket to whip out on the move could be a game-changer. We can’t promise you won’t get any peculiar looks on your commute though. Check out our list of all games currently with touch controls on Xbox Game Pass.

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