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Spooky month is so much better with the best Xbox Game Pass horror games

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It’s no secret that I’ve long harbored ambitions to decimate the perpetual backlog of amazing video games that has trailed behind me for years. In 2022 alone, I’ve started and completed over 40 unique titles, and I have no intention of slowing down my persistent consumption of exciting and unique gaming experiences. For the spookiest of months, October, I aspired to continue my war against the backlog — but with a theme.

Assisted by Microsoft’s expansive Xbox Game Pass subscription service and my own library of Xbox titles, I set out to only play horror, thriller, and otherwise-spooky games for the entirety of October. Not only did I manage to play more games in a single month than ever before, I also discovered that Xbox Game Pass is a paragon of value for horror fans, with many of the best Xbox horror games only a button-press away for subscribers.

My history with the horror genre

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Before this year, I admittedly didn’t have a lot of exposure to the illustrious horror genre of video games. I had witnessed my best friend play Bloober Team’s Layers of Fear on my Xbox One S years ago, and I was familiar with infamous franchises and titles like RESIDENT EVIL, The Evil Within, Amnesia, Outcast, and more. Despite my proximity to the genre, though, I had never actually sat down and played a single horror game myself — a side effect of my past inability to complete games at all.

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