Microsoft rolls out fix for Edge bug that breaks tabs in Internet Explorer mode

Microsoft Edge update improves sidebar, adds new policies

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft recently released Edge version Version 107.0.1418.24 to the Stable Channel.
  • The update improves the sidebar of the browser and adds a new policy related to when the browser starts up.
  • The latest build of Edge also has several new policies that make the browser easier to configure.

Microsoft Edge just received an update to version Version 107.0.1418.24. The latest build of the browser doesn’t include any new features, but it improves the app’s sidebar. It also brings several new policies to Edge.

All of the feature changes, new policies, and deprecated policies are outlined by Microsoft on a support page (opens in new tab).

Edge Version 107.0.1418.24: Feature updates

  • Microsoft Edge sidebar. The Microsoft Edge sidebar lets users access productivity tools side-by-side with their browsing window. For enterprise customers, the following experiences are currently turned on by default: Search, Discover,, and Outlook. Administrators can control the availability and configure the Microsoft Edge sidebar using the HubsSidebarEnabled (opens in new tab)ExtensionInstallBlockList (opens in new tab), and ExtensionInstallForceList (opens in new tab) policies. The extension ID for each sidebar app can be found at edge://sidebar-internals. For more information, see Manage the sidebar in Microsoft Edge (opens in new tab).
  • New policy to give more flexibility in Microsoft Edge startup. The RestoreOnStartupUserURLsEnabled (opens in new tab) policy lets users add and remove their own URLs to open when starting Microsoft Edge while maintaining the mandatory list of sites specified by the admin.

Edge Version 107.0.1418.24: New policies

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