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Save $26 on the Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller at GameStop today

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Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller continues to be a fantastic choice for enthusiast gamers looking to get the most out of every button click and subtle joystick movement. Right now you can find the Elite Series 2 controller going for $153.95 at GameStop (opens in new tab). We have seen it go a bit lower than this in the past, but more recently it was actually selling at its MSRP at most retailers. GameStop’s deal is so good by comparison that just about everyone, including Amazon, has matched it. 

This year Microsoft did come out with the Elite Series 2 Core controller, which is meant to be a more budget version in the Elite lineup. That’s certainly a possibility if you’re looking for an upgrade and can’t afford the few extra bucks for the Elite Series 2, but you should also be aware of the differences when you make your decision. 

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