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Overwatch 2: How to get skins

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There are tons of awesome cosmetics available in Overwatch 2, but none of them are quite as special and exciting as skins. These items allow you to completely change the appearance and style of each hero, and many of them feature vibrant colors, intricately detailed designs, and some unique effects. For example, D.Va’s new EDM skin plays music whenever she flies around with her Boosters.

There are multiple different ways to get skins in Overwatch 2, so in this guide, we’ll go over each and every method available. By taking advantage of these reward avenues, you’ll be able to start collecting skins fairly quickly.

Earning Overwatch 2 skins from the Battle Pass

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The first way you can get skins is by earning them from the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass. Both the Free and Premium reward tracks of the Battle Pass offer some skins for players to unlock, although by purchasing the Premium Battle Pass, you’ll have access to several more than you would otherwise. Premium costs 1,000 Overwatch Coins, or $10 worth. 

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