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You can launch Xbox cloud games directly from Bing and Microsoft Edge

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What you need to know

  • Xbox Cloud Gaming is a service baked into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, allowing you to play dozens of Xbox console games via a browser or mobile device. 
  • A feature rolling out now allows you to access Xbox Cloud Games directly from a Bing search query, as long as you’re running Microsoft Edge.
  • It’s an expansion of a feature already present on Edge for iOS, given that Apple’s anti-competitive practices prevent a native Xbox Game Pass app. 

If you’re a fan of Microsoft Rewards, chances are that you potentially also use Microsoft Edge and Bing as well. Using Bing as your default search engine across mobile and PC grants you a steady stream of points (in certain territories), which you can redeem for all sorts of gift vouchers and other goodies. 

Using Bing as my default search engine practically pays for Xbox Game Pass for me, for example, given that I quite easily rack up enough points to buy Xbox Game Pass pre-paid cards without even trying. As of recently, there’s another feature rolling out to make using Bing and Microsoft Edge a little sweeter. 

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