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Did Xbox just tease its ‘Keystone’ streaming console?

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Gaming CEO and Xbox leader Phil Spencer recently posted an image in which an unknown Xbox device can be seen on the top of his office shelves.
  • Due to the device’s small size, many believe that this could be Microsoft’s upcoming game streaming console, codenamed “Keystone.”
  • Keystone will directly hook into Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming, and will be a more affordable alternative to systems that can play games natively like Xbox Series X|S or gaming PCs.
  • Keystone’s release date is unknown, though this tease — if the device on the shelf is indeed the streaming console — may suggest that it’s coming sooner rather than later.

In a post congratulating developer Bethesda Game Studios on the 25th Anniversary of the post-apocalyptic RPG franchise Fallout, Microsoft Gaming CEO and Xbox leader Phil Spencer shared an image of a Vault Boy statue on his office shelf. The statue looks awesome, but ultimately, the thing that makes the picture interesting has nothing to do with the statue or Fallout at all. Instead, the talk of the town is all about the visible Xbox device that can be seen on the top of the shelf, right next to an Xbox Series Controller. You can see for yourself in the embedded Tweet below.

Though it initially seems to be an Xbox Series S, closer inspection makes it clear that it’s much smaller than the entry-level gaming console. It’s barely wider than the controller it’s next to, in fact, and it’s quite short as well. This has led many to believe that the system could be Microsoft’s “Keystone” streaming console, which was initially rumored to be in development earlier this year. Later, we revealed exclusive details about Microsoft’s efforts to iterate on the streaming device.

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