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Overwatch 2 bug turns Bastion’s Artillery ult into a terrifying superweapon

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What you need to know

  • There’s currently an Overwatch 2 bug that allows Bastion to fire upwards of 20 shells with the Artillery Ultimate.
  • The bug guarantees that the Bastion player will get several kills, and it can also ensure that their opposition won’t be able to contest objectives for an extended period of time.
  • Using the bug may get your account banned, as Blizzard has banned players for abusing exploits before and other players will no doubt report you.

Overwatch 2 is finally here, but its launch hasn’t exactly been sunshine and rainbows. Since releasing on October 4, the game’s servers have been quite unstable, with players widely experiencing issues logging into the game, mid-match disconnects, glitches that cause cosmetics to go missing, and other technical problems. Thankfully, however, the actual gameplay mechanics of Overwatch 2 have proven to be consistent and working as intended so far.

There’s an exception to this, though, and it’s a big one: Bastion’s Configuration: Artillery Ultimate, which was added to the game as part of the character’s big Overwatch 2 rework. Normally, the ability allows Bastion players to fire three high-damage artillery shells at any location on the map, making it useful as a zoning tool or as a combo Ultimate with something like Zarya’s Graviton Surge. However, by pressing the Q key and the left mouse button at the same time when firing the last shell in the PC version of Overwatch 2, you can bug the Ultimate so that its timer doesn’t stop. You’ll then have several seconds to fire as many additional shells as you want.

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