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Total psycho brilliantly removes Surface Duo 2’s camera bump

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What you need to know

  • Surface Duo 2 has a prominent camera bump on the rear preventing it from reverse-folding without a gap.
  • Some Surface Duo 2 owners are unhappy with the design choice.
  • One brave man (with some mad talents) showed how he completely removed the Duo 2’s camera housing.

When it comes to hardcore Surface Duo fans, one of the dividing points is over the Surface Duo 2’s prominent camera bump. Microsoft did some brilliant engineering to get the triple-camera array onto the rear of such a thin device while also addressing one of the biggest complaints of the first Surface Duo.

But not everyone is happy with the decision, including those who love Surface Duo for dual-screen multitasking and reverse folding it completely flat.

One brave user, Phil Knall, has gone where no one has gone before by removing the entire camera module from Surface Duo 2, pasting it back together, and creating his dream device.

Surface Duo 2 can now lay completely flat thanks to no rear camera module. (Image credit: Phil Knall)

As you can imagine, the process is not for the light-hearted (or technologically challenged). Knall has skills and not only showed off the resulting photos but made an excellent 22-minute video detailing every step of the process in case you wanted to try this yourself (he notes, however, this video is not a tutorial).

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