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Minecraft Live 2022: How to watch, date and start time, and what to expect

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The Minecraft universe is ever expanding, inexorably stretching for the outer limits of possibility in the video game industry. It’s an unstoppable force of impossible size, a juggernaut intent on dominating new areas as it continues to grow. The dominion of Minecraft is inevitable, and the next chapter of its creators’ devious plan will be revealed to all during the next Minecraft Live event.

Jokes about the influence of Minecraft on the video game industry aside, it’s always a big deal when Mojang Studios hosts its annual Minecraft Live event to reveal and discuss the impending future of Minecraft releases, changes, and updates. Minecraft Live is officially returning in 2022, and it should be an exciting one for a number of reasons. Here’s everything you need to know about Minecraft Live 2022, including how to watch it and what viewers can expect.

What is Minecraft Live?

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