The Sandbox in Grounded.

Grounded: How to get into the Sandbox

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The Backyard of Obsidian Entertainment’s unique survival game, Grounded, is full of danger. Still, few of its biomes are as hazardous as the Sandbox in the southwestern portion of the map. Filled with scorching hot sands and plenty of hostile critters, the Sandbox is not a place for novice explorers. However, for those that have more experience and some decent gear, the Sandbox is worth venturing into since it holds several valuable resources.

Unfortunately, getting into the Sandbox is almost as difficult as traversing the biome itself, as it’s protected by high walls that prevent you from entering the area from ground level. With that said, there’s a relatively simple and safe way to get into the Sandbox that players can take advantage of as long as they have some basic supplies and don’t mind a little climbing. Here’s what you need to do.

Grounded: Getting into the Sandbox

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Getting into the Sandbox in Grounded is a fairly long journey, but it’s also a completely safe one as long as you’re careful. To begin, you’ll need to head towards the Picnic Table biome to the north of the Sandbox itself. This is because ultimately, the key to entering the Sandbox is climbing up to the top of the Picnic Table first. While this may seem like an impossible task at first — the Picnic Table is even taller than the Sandbox is — there’s a large shovel near the table’s southeastern corner that you can tip over and use as a ramp.

How to knock down the Leaning Shovel

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