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Xbox One S vs. X: Is it still worth buying one in 2022? (Spoiler: No)

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Ultimately the battle between the Xbox One S and One X boils down to whether you have a 4K TV to go with it. If you have a 4K television or monitor, an Xbox One X will provide the best visuals the video game industry has to offer outside of a high-end gaming PC. Even on 1080p sets, many games support Xbox One X-exclusive 60 FPS modes, but you’ll be paying a premium for the privilege.

However, the real answer is: Don’t buy either. Really. The next-gen Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are here, and they have far more power than either of these consoles, with better loading speeds, faster processing, next-gen graphics features like ray tracing, and much, much more. Additionally, supplies of these consoles are short, and Microsoft has ceased manufacturing them entirely. The Xbox Series S replaces the Xbox One S, and the Xbox Series X replaces the Xbox One X.

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