Logitech G PRO racing wheel boxed

Logitech G PRO racing wheel review: A phenomenal direct drive experience for all

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Logitech is proud of its sim racing heritage and the risks it had to take with pricing and manufacturing in the earliest peripheral days. Logitech G wants the brand new PRO direct drive wheel and Trueforce to tackle the professional sim racing scene, focusing on testing from esports gamers, pro racing drivers, and scene enthusiasts.

Direct drive wheels are notoriously expensive but provide the most realistic experience. Offering a complete package with minimal setup could be a massive deal for budding enthusiasts and experienced sim racers. Logitech G sent over the PRO racing wheel and pedals, each worthy of independent reviews. I spent the weekend smashing virtual cars around to determine if the luxurious PRO wheel warrants the high asking price.

Logitech G PRO: Price and availability

Logitech G PRO racing wheel boxed (Image credit: Ben Wilson | Windows Central)

Logitech sells the PRO racing wheel exclusively through its official website for a $999 MSRP. Third-party options and brick-and-mortar stores are not initially planned for launch but may be available in the future.

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