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Best PCs for sim racing 2022

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Simulation racers are reaching a broader audience thanks to a healthy variety of racing wheels available for consoles and PC, welcoming newcomers to the genre and allowing enthusiasts to expand their hobby to multiple platforms. If you’re looking to start from scratch, a pre-built computer is an ideal way to skip the task of matching compatible components. We’ve found the best PC for sim racing and some alternatives to match your budget.

Best PCs for sim racing

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HP Omen 45L

Innovative rig enthusiasts will love

Reasons to buy


User upgradeable




Innovative Cryo Chamber cooling


AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA all options

Reasons to avoid

MicroATX motherboard limits expansion

No Thunderbolt

The HP Omen 45L (opens in new tab) is larger than its predecessor, but that’s mostly down to an innovative new “Cryo Chamber” cooling solution. In an era where building your PC is so common, many manufacturers try to think outside the box with their desktop rigs, and HP certainly did that. The chamber is separated from other components so that internal temperatures can be up to 6 degrees lower, thanks to the lack of heated air inside the machine.

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