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Microsoft: People aren’t ‘interested’ in tech corps telling them what’s true or false

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What you need to know

  • In an interview with Bloomberg, Microsoft President joined CVP for Trust and Security Tom Burt to discuss misinformation and censorship.
  • Smith said that users want to “make up their own minds” with regards to fake news, opting instead to give users “more information, not less.”  
  • Microsoft has been collaborating with Twitter and other researchers to reduce harmful outcomes from algorithmic news content. 

In an interview with Bloomberg, Microsoft President Brad Smith discussed the topics of disinformation across its informational products such as Bing, LinkedIn, MSN, and beyond. 

Social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook have been increasingly blamed for the erosion of a shared truth in society, with bad faith hot takes and outrage baiting sensationalism taking newsfeed priority, as a consequence of human nature intersecting with algorithmic content delivery designs. Twitter and Facebook both came under fire during the early days of the pandemic for preventing the spread of false information about the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines, for example, but Facebook has also been criticized for its role in promoting hate groups and has often been cited in court proceedings with regards to murder and even genocide.

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