SK hynix Gold P31 SSD

Upgrade your SSD to the SK hynix Gold 31 at its lowest price in every capacity

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The SK hynix Gold 31 solid state drive has always been an affordable drive especially for what you get out of it. However, today it is more affordable than ever as every iteration from 500GB to 1TB to 2TB is on sale at Amazon. You can get the 1TB drive for as low as $86.39 (opens in new tab) today, which is the lowest direct price drop we’ve ever seen. It normally sells for somewhere between $110 and $120. The 500GB drive is down to $49.59, and the 2TB drive is down to $159.19. Those are both new lows as well, so it really only depends on your budget. 

The Gold P31 is a previous-generation SSD at this point. SK hynix came out with the Platinum P41 SSD earlier this year. While we have seen some minor sales on those drives, too, we’ve never seen them drop this low. Currently the Platinum P41 drives are a chunk more expensive, too (the 2TB is going for $260 right now, for example).

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